The International Association of Community Drone Pilots (IACDP) is a non-profit nationwide community-based organization representing all sUAS pilots.

About Us

IACDP is a non-profit association, advocating for both commercial and non-commercial use of small unmanned aircraft systems (sUAS). Our mission is to represent all sUAS pilots. Unlike other organizations, we believe that both commercial and non-commercial drone pilots are obliged to support the sUAS community. IACDP represents the voice of the sUAS pilots to government officials and the public at large. We endeavor to demonstrate the professionalism of the community and help minimize unnecessary legislation that stifles industry growth and impacts our freedom to fly.

IACDP is dedicated to supporting all sUAS pilots who believe our actions shape the future of the drone industry and the freedom of independent flight. IACDP coordinates with other industry voices to coordinate advocacy and unified messaging. We are focused on eliminating the fear, uncertainty, and doubt surrounding drone use in the national airspace by providing our members with detailed Safety Guidelines, strict Standards of Conduct, and the Responsible Community Pilot (RCP) program.

The Responsible Community Pilot (RCP) certification program is offered by IACDP-approved Community Partners, which are organizations whose goal is to provide non-commercial pilots of small Unmanned Aerial Systems (sUAS) the guidelines, tools and ongoing training they need to operate safely and legally within the programming of a nationwide community-based organization per Section 336 (Special Rule for Model Aircraft). Approved IACDP Community Partners have submitted their programs for vetting by IACDP and agreed to ongoing periodic review to ensure they are maintaining appropriate standards.

Our Responsible Community Pilot (RCP) certification is exclusively administered by community partners. These partners must not only adhere to our Safety Guidelines and Standards of Conduct but must provide additional approved training and experiential education that further elevates the community's collective knowledge and skills. Click Here to apply as an RCP Community Partner.

Joining is simple and free. Upon successful completion of an official Community Partner RCP course, pilots earn the Responsible Community Pilot (RCP) certification. Active RCP certification through any of the approved IACDP Community Partners includes membership in the International Association of Community Drone Pilots.

IACDP was founded by John Evans and a group of sUAS pilots from nearly every corner of the drone community. Representing commercial, recreational, military, and public safety, this diverse group is committed to the mission of IACDP. Motivated by a desire to make a positive impact on the industry, we are still growing and expanding our training, certification, and advocacy resources.

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